The last person who had an orgasm goes first. 

Take turns pulling a card, picking one of the three bases:

First Base is full of mild intimacy builders.

Second Base warms up with some sex-based questions.

Third Base turns the heat all the way up with some spicy tasks!

Go through all the cards or stop when things get spicy. You decide!

JUST REMEMBER: Consent is key! Everyone reserves the right to say “no!”

See a term in the game you don’t know? Check out our glossary.

Poly Rules

This game is not just for monogamous couples! Here’s how you can play when you play with more than one person: 

The rules are similar to “COUPLE PLAY” with slight modifications to make sure all partners are guaranteed a good time:

1. If you choose a First Base question, answer based on the player to your left. 

2. If you choose a Second Base question, answer based on the player to your right. 

3. If you choose a Third Base task/question, spin a bottle and see where it lands!

Chaos Mode

One player picks from second or third-base only. Everyone answers the question or completes the task.

(Consent still reigns supreme. No means no.)